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Default Re: The Whip is just wrong

Notes on further adjustments I would make to avoid annoying silly abuses:

* All Dagger Marksmanship (let alone whips) should not allow somehow ignoring head armor - certainly not for the same penalty as aiming for the head in general, and probably just not at all, or only with some very low chance of happening.

* I'd probably lower the damage (or at least maximum damage) more per the earlier posts about realistic amounts of injury from a whip compared to a dagger.

* I don't see any need/reason/desire to have any level of talent ignore any intervening figures. I'd want whippers to accomplish that feat with their DX.

* I still think the _main_ problem for me with all of the entangling weapons, is the lack of limits, chance to avoid, or any other difficulty other than the roll to hit. You did add a ST limit, but to me that's not enough. I'd want something like a 3/DX target saving roll to avoid entanglement immediately, before falling down. Personally, I'd probably develop it, say to two rolls - one on DX to avoid entanglement, then another on ST to avoid being pulled to the ground. If the ST roll is made to avoid falling, and the target has a cutting weapon, the person entangled by a whip or lasso could take and action to cut themselves out. Something like that. (It seems like I've written a different version every time this has come up, but they usually have elements like this.)
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