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Halcyone is in her room, watching the lodges and trying to find someone worried about the most recent event, when she notices two knight shamans outside her window entering her building. One is an orc, one is a lizard. The Lizard seems to be sniffing as she walks.
So the Lizards have noses like bloodhounds... That does it. Next world I'm going to brush up on at least the manufacturer's specs of the local fauna. Maybe the magic too.

Even if they weren't following a particular trail, they probably could have picked it up from my frozen arm. While I can look like a lotta things, they'll probably catch the smell of seafood from outside of room

Is there only one path from my room to an exit? Maybe I could climb out the window, into another room (where the occupant is sleeping), and slip out of the inn while they're busy searching the first room. And if that's not an option, maybe just climb down and blend into the crowd.

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