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Default Re: Corco's Villa (IC)

Originally Posted by the_matrix_walker View Post
Vassarious looks about for any other identifying features and listens for a bit longer to see if the rabble-rouser goes anywhere else.

If they seem to be staying put, after about 20 minutes, Vassrious will slip back out and find a private place to return to Orc-Merchant form and contact Halcyone and report what they have seen.
The dirty rabble-rouser with the jewelry stays in the house for the full 20 minutes, but the one who talked about the "tyranny of the wastelanders" heads out somewhere.

Originally Posted by TGLS View Post
"No problem. I'll have bugs all over his house in the hour."

I'll do that. The knight-shamans live in the guild halls, right? If not, they visit each hall regularly, right? I'll distribute a swarm to each of the guild halls, along with the violent rabble-rousers house. At twenty swarms, that still gives me a lot of swarms to play around with.
Despite the name "lodge", the knight shamans visit the guild lodges, not live in them. At least most of the time. Swarms now cover the five lodges and the home of the the rabble rouser (lets call him Porglin).

Halcyone finds the face of the knight-shaman who was nodding. He's a member of the grand order, and currently at the lodge.

Anything either of you want to do before Halcyone stays up analyzing knight-shaman responses?
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