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Default Re: Corco's Villa (IC)

Originally Posted by the_matrix_walker View Post
Vassarious moves out of sight and shifts... Taking on their Air Elemental form to have a closer look at the house and continue their surveillance.
V shifts into a being of air, and enters the home.

Their are several adults in the home, of various ages. By their speech they seem to be family. They ask him about how the speech went, how many people came, and generally appear to wish the cause well. They ask how many are willing to fight, and the rabble-rouser says "more than last time. If we keep this up..."

The others seem less convinced that this way forward will work. One in particular wishes him luck in his efforts, with an undertone of "you're going to need it". They think some other strategy will be needed to "Free us from the tyranny of wastelanders"

The others are just as wealthy but take better care of their possessions. Many of them seem to be recently dirty, with mine dust being the primary culprit.

Originally Posted by TGLS View Post
Well let's take care of that first:
The pages are 95% readable. The pictures are pretty good.

Can I put a few drones on the ones who are still looking around? Don
You know the others are out there because people are talking about them, not because you have drones on them. So not with the information you currently have.

Hm. Suppose their half-right on both sides. Is there any chance they have special insight? Or are they just inferring that from me being alive and not looking at anything alive they know of?
They're blindly making assumptions based on what they know of this world.

I go looking for something resembling coffee. It's going to be a long night.
Your coffee search is Fruitless! Welcome to the end of the world! to the wastes of Tuguk! You shall find no gentle relief for your fatigue!

We'll come back to this roll. It will take a while, but its a success.

Maybe he didn't see the relation between what he was saying and when the other cheers came?
He either didn't notice or didn't particularly care.
I suppose it's a little late to put any drones on the nodding guy. Roll to see if I have a good enough picture of the guy to send drones searching for him.
You can go ahead and try to find him if you want.
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