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Default Re: DreadStormers [IC]

Originally Posted by GnomesofZurich View Post
He is trying to strike a balance between being close enough to provide advice and far enough he's unlikely to catch a stray shot.

OC: I have no familiarity with the mass combat system
You don't need familiarity with mass combat: its a tool to let me run a complex 35 vs 50 combat in a complex environment relatively quickly. your statement above about staying close to the front lines and the center of command but not actually fighting gives me what I need.

Originally Posted by TGLS View Post
Now that's rotten luck.
I thought I shot at the second mate.
You did. I made a mistake. Replace each instance of "Captain" with "second mate" or possibly "Commander of forces".

I don't suppose shooting the cells would accomplish anything, or at least anything productive.
Not without a lot of sustained fire.

Do they have a line of sight on the second mate? i.e. Could I take his weapon without anyone noticing?
Yes, they have line of sight on him.

Could I try taking the remaining four guards out the same way I took out the second mate?
Yeah, that's an option. it'd take a some time to move into position for and line up each shot, but it is doable.

[/quote]Did I overhear the battle plan in enough detail to provide valuable intelligence to our side?[/QUOTE]
Yes, you heard the whole thing.

Originally Posted by Hide View Post
Pacifica will have her enemies apprehended, once they are completely subdued, she will kill almost all of them (she keeps Lt. Butieku alive). Pacifica uses her powers to avoid gunshots and more bloodshed.
So you are going through their wounded and helpless and killing them all silently except for the unconscious commander of the group? Got it.

Next, she will ask the Vinobi to report “things are under control”:
  • He will tell the captain that a small group of people (3 or 4 individuals) attempted to start a revolt at section 9, but failed because they were overwhelmed by the crew. The intercom got damaged by gunfire, after the chief (the man that got shot) wrestled for the gun.
  • Vinobi will bring a subverted to the captain (the one that replied to section 10) and present him as the culprit. Such man will have loose handcuffs, so he is capable of creating a diversion once the 3 units get to section 10. If interrogated, the man will reply that this was just a diversion. Vinobi shall agree, because using such a small number of “regular people” would be futile.
  • Vinobi is going check what’s going on in the other sections from section 10, then he will send one of his loyal men to section 9 and inform Pacifica of the most recent developments. The signal to make sure things are OK will be “Are you OK Lt. Butieku?” or “Are you here Lt. Butieku?” if things require discretion (something similar to what Vinobi just did).

Vinobi will tell that Lt. Butieku gathered reinforcements (Pacifica’s unit), and that she is:
  • Securing section 9 and trying to restore communications.
  • Looking for the men “that escaped”. In fact, the escapees attempted to ambush Vinobi and Butieku, and shot their way out of the aisles.
  • Taking the wounded men to the infirmary.
Vinobi: "Yes Ma'am. How long do we need to stall for? Should I expect an attack on the officer's quarters?"
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