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Default Re: Do Shapeshifters duplicate the objects of their victims?

Originally Posted by Not another shrubbery View Post
Just to point out - this 'feature' of Morph would be an Enhancement on Neutralize: Power Theft. Being able to copy your allies' powers before a fight while leaving them capable of contributing is much handier than having to target an enemy who is presumably going to be fighting back.
Which is why it's not fair for Neutralize to dupe, but it is for any ability where the point cost of the abilities duplicated is accounted for.

A creative player could keep an enemy around as a "battery" to use for "free" abilities. That enemy wasn't going to assist you anyway, so removing their powers may net you more than you're paying. Furthermore, depowering enemies during a fight even if you don't claim them for your own is usually a fight ender. It tends to be much more powerful than paying extra to do what someone else does.
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