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Default Re: GURPS Starships line errata (and some observations)

Changed/expanded errata on the Komarov as I had not noted earlier that it has wrong thrust/module.

Spaceships 5

The ATR rocket is listed as giving 0.2g/module for a total of 0.6g. But the basic ATR at TL 10 give 0.2 with hydrogen and using water instead you get 0.6g/module for a total of 1.8g.

It is also noted as "This is a compact, single-stage-to-orbit vehicle using anti-
matter rocket engines to achieve high performance. This permits landing and takeoff from high-G worlds. It is designed to glide in for a landing from orbit, but it can operate from a vertical position"

But its ability to operate in high-G worlds is severely limited by the low D-v.

The d-V is just enough to reach low orbit of 1g planet with a minimal reserve for docking maneuvers,de-orbiting and similar, so it could not operate from larger planets. So no "high-G" world capability and earth size world support requires an atmosphere for landing or orbital refueling.
GURPS spaceship unofficial errata and thoughts:
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