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Default Items of Power

In the setting, items used for magical purposes acquire a patina. Enchanting an item is also easier if it has a history relevant to the purposes to which it is being put and/or a historic connection to the magician or intended user. Finally, the symbolic value of the item for the effect it is meant to have is vital.

Through these factors, and especially a connection to the user's or magician's family or past, items may overcome negative modifiers for being technological or made with advanced methods. Old family heirlooms are generally excellent subjects for enchantment, especially if the effect relates to protecting or aiding members of that family.

With that being said, does anyone know of any particularly apt items with a connection to the British Royal Family that either could have been magical before the paranormal stopped working* or could have been enchanted by one of the conspiracy's own ritual magicians after it returned?

*The paranormal appears to have been fairly active during the Elizabethan age and for a century after that, when it started to decline somewhat. The last recorded instance of a verified supernatural event is believed within the Shadow Court to have occured in 1888, but at that time, most of the industrialised world had already been in a long decline from a paranormal point of view. Events of disputed verifiability occured up to 1914. From 1914 to 1979, the Shadow Court has found little evidence of anything paranormal and only a small minority of its scholars believe that the paranormal was active in that time. At all times, the mana level of the world fluctated, both spatially and temporally.
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