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Default Re: Ideas for real-world people belonging to the inner circle

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
I like it. The Shadow Court was initially very much a private intelligence service; recollecting an earlier Elizabeth and her courtiers.

Whatever this involved, it wouldn't have anything to do with the supernatural, as in the 70s, the world wasn't any more magical than ours. I prefer the idea that it was a reward which allowed him to retire with dignity, after some very bad experiences. Being assigned to Windsor would then mark his return to active religious life, wiser and more compassionate toward the mental anguish of his flock for his own experience of mental scars.

An ideal confidant for a Queen dealing with some truly mind-shattering revealations and doubts, in the early stages. The more so because he had a record of extreme confidentiality and loyalty in the service of the Crown, aside from his duty as a priest.

Now that could have been granted after becoming a member of the Shadow Court.
Sounds like you have it covered - there's also several Internet pages that are interesting, like esoteric archives. What's your stance on Enochian magic? Considering next to no one speaks it outside of magicky stuff, it'd seem like a good choice to go for, especially since you need to be a scholar to have even the remote chance of pronouncing it right.

I'd also recommend Dion Fortune's stuff. The Secrets of Doctor Taverner is really awesome when it comes to generating a feel for the occult, especially in Britain.
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