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Ah, "cold" is good! Is the iron itself cold? Was it worked cold? Who knows! That's the kind of fun with adjectives that fantasy settings need.
Other similarly ambiguous options include "dead" iron and "grey" or "heavy" lead. GURPS other choice is "depleted" in depleted necronium, and that might not be a bad choice for the iron either. Depleted in what you say? Who knows.

Not that anti-magic stuff needs to be made of the metal used in its name, just look at tin foil hats. Maybe "cold iron" is a kind of bronze.

Edit: Incidentally the common traditional name for actual meteoritic iron fragments is "thunderbolt iron", which I think would make a pretty cool name for the antimagic stuff. Tibetan mystical iron is called "sky iron" (thokcha), which works too if you want to keep the implication that it actually fell out of the sky without linking it to the lights in the sky that are meteors.
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