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Default Re: The Whip is just wrong

Originally Posted by Axly Suregrip View Post
As it is, I don't see why every wizard does spend 2 IQ on Whip talent.
Yes, this is what hurts my psyche. I had a whip wizard and it became clear this was the perfect weapon for wizards. So why weren't all wizards carrying whips? That left our campaign world with two unpleasant alternatives:

1. A campaign where in fact most all wizards do carry whips. The reaction there is, Ugh this is not the fantasy world we signed up for.

2. A campaign where, for some reason, the mercenaries of the world have had, for generations, a collective cognitive failure and not realised the value of wizard whips. The reaction there is, ok, let's just not think about it.

We went with (2) and after that campaign petered out we just pretended that whips were not an option
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