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Default Re: Rules puzzle: Extra Attack and readying

Originally Posted by whswhs
It seems to me it works kind of poorly for thrown weapons. Say I take Extra Attack for 25 points. Now I ready a rock, which takes one turn, and I throw it, which takes one attack of the next turn—and I can't throw another rock, not even with the other hand, because I can only ready one rock? In effect, that makes Extra Attack worthless if I apply it to throwing things.
Martial Arts lets you Rapid Fire with thrown weapons. Basically the Fast Draw eliminates the ready and it's just a straight -6 like melee attacks. For that matter, MA allows you to rapid fire for more than one extra attack even with thrown things.

Spending 25 (or 30 since I would argue that Multi-Strike is required to reuse the same hand), is a lot like spending 24 points for a +6 to skill. High skill gives you greater flexibility with that weapon while Extra Attack gives you the option to mix and match your various striking options.

Bottom line, I don't think it's unbalanced to allow a double throw if they can make Fast Draws to eliminate the readies. It's already allowed for rapid fire throwing.
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