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Default Re: GURPS Hivemiind:How do I define a walking Cottage as an advantage?

Or you could start with a basic golem.

Make it Size +5

ST +45 (total 60) [50] (with Size and No manipulators discout)
DX -1 (total 10) [-20]
HT -2 (total 12) [-20]

Secondaries: Add some move if needed/wanted.

Add DR 3, Lifting ST X and Payload Y to the list of Advantages, remove Single Minded and Vacuum Support. This could have just about any value, since it depends on how much you really want your house to carry.

Replace Disturbing Voice with Mute since houses don't speak [-15]. And Slap that No Manipulators [-50] on it.

It could come out quite expensive, or it could end up slightly more than a perk, but at least, when you feel like charging that band of Orcs while inside your house, you'll know how much damage it will do to the unlucky or that gets slammed by it, and how much punishment it will take before shutting down (if you keep Unnatural)
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