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The story didn't change except for proofreading corrections.

Chapter 1: The empire information was moved to be with the species. There the information for the ISC was expanded.

Chapter 2: There is more GURPS information on creating a character and it is presented more along the lines of what GURPS players expect in the way of formatting and tables. Point values changed for Cygnans, Andorians, Ethnic Klingon warriors, Hilidarians, Kzintis, Gorns, Orions (the background information changed to be for the species, not what they did as for a job), Andromedan (no point change, but descriptions of the robots were enhanced), Ranel, Phelen, Veltressai (no point change, but background was greatly enhanced with two total paragraphs becoming seven), Q'Naabians (background corrected and enhanced with one paragraph becoming four), Pronhoulites (and background expanded from a paragraph to six), Rovillians (and background expanded from two paragraphs to seven), Korlivilar (and background expanded from one paragraph to three), Seltorian Queens (and background expanded from two paragraphs to four), Seltorian Sages, Seltorian Experts, Jindarians, Vudar, Paravians, and Carnivons. Height and weight table was added. Templates were corrected (Star Fleet Academy, Federation Marine Academy, Federation Marine Boot Camp, and Merchant Marine Academy) or added (Star Fleet Basic Training, Galactic Intelligence Agency Academy, Federation Marshals Service Academy, and "Shake and Bake School") The only one that was untouched was the Merchant Marine Basic Training.

Chapter 3: Advantages and Disadvantages reflect GURPS move away from classifying them by type. The chapter grew from 31 pages to 65.

Chapter 4: Skills. This section grew from 14 pages to 38. All skills mentioned in the templates are included. It also includes GURPS information about skills.

Chapter 5: How to Play. This section includes most of the rules you need to actually play the game. It expanded from 25 pages to 64. The section on Interspecies Medicine was moved to this chapter from Technology.

Chapter 6: End Game Awards. More GURPS information was added about developing the character. Medals were included with the text about them. Defender of Life was added.

Chapter 7: Technology. The list "Technology Availability by Empire" was greatly expanded from about half a column to over a column. The non-standard Technical Skill Specializations disappeared with the description of the technology now explaining what skill is needed to operate it. Shipboard equipment expanded from three pages to over seven. Weapons tables now look like GURPS tables and include weapons that adventurers might encounter that are more primitive.

Chapter 8: The Star Fleet Universe. Let's Play Federation Commander is added. Standard Planetary Classes now include Class T. Circle Trigon is now accurately placed on the Romulan-Gorn-ISC Neutral Zone. Using SFB for Space Combat is expanded to include Federation Commander. A short section titled Commercial Passenger Service was added.

Chapter 9: Space Combat actually has the GURPS statistics for and rules on fighting. Descriptions and stats for the standard large freighter, Free Trader, security skiff, Federation heavy cruiser, Klingon D7 battlecruiser, Romulan War Eagle, Kzinti command cruiser, Gorn Allosaurus Battlecruiser, Tholian patrol corvette, Orion Pirate light cruiser, and the standard administrative shuttlecraft are included. To help people visualize where things are on the ship, Federation Commander ship cards are used. A section on "Customized Civilian Ships" was added.

Chapter 10: The sample characters now have the skills they should and the point value has been adjusted accordingly.

The index now has an additional section that is titled SELECTED TABLES, MAPS, AND CHARTS that should be useful for players and GMs. Since the book is longer, the index is also longer.
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