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Default Re: One Last Shot missile attack

The proposal is just to delete the sentence in the option that requires the weapon to be dropped. So it would read:

(l) ONE-LAST-SHOT MISSILE ATTACK. If the figure had a missile weapon ready before it was engaged, it may get off one last shot. The missile weapon must be dropped next turn. (This option reflects the fact that you can almost always release an arrow at a charging enemy.)

The option currently (m) under Engaged Figures says:
(m) CHANGE WEAPONS. Shift one hex (or stand still) and drop ready weapon (if any), and ready a new non-missile weapon. (An engaged figure cannot ready or reload a missile weapon.)

The below remains unchanged:
A figure must have a physical weapon (staff, sword, club, etc.) in hand in order to defend; this weapon is used for parrying. You may “parry” with a bow or crossbow – but it will be ruined!
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