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Originally Posted by RyanW View Post
One that I've thought of but never actually put together was "The Voyages of the USS Enterprise." Think Sliders, but with the USS Enterprise. That is, the 12-gun sloop commanded by Stephen Decatur during the Barbary Wars.
Which is the inverse of my Star Trek/Sliders (or maybe more Quantum Leap) idea.

The PCs are all from alternate versions of the Star Trek universe, recruited by a godlike alien (who takes the form of a gigantic Abraham Lincoln) to fix disruptions in the time streams. Basically, they must go to various alternate versions of Star Trek (in both TOS and TNG eras) and make sure certain things do or don't happen to nudge all the multiverse down the right path. Missions were going to include things like what happens after the Borg assimilate Mudd's Women, assassinating the teenage Wesley Crusher of an evil Mirror Universe before he becomes an intergalactic conquerer, a mission in the reality where complex life never evolved on Earth, a mission to a Federation devastated and sent reeling by the destruction of Earth because there were no humpback whales to satisfy the alien space probe...
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