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Hogwarts Year One: The players are part of the initial class at the just founded Hogwarts Academy, making their archenemy Slytherin himself...or is he?

Steampunk Orientale: The year is 1851, the queen is Victoria and the Steampunk empire on which the Sun never China. Expect a total role reversal as Britain sullenly endures subjugation at the hands of the most powerful nation in the world and the players try to survive and thrive in a city set aside as a trading port for the Chinese as the spectre of a new war looms...

Golden Age: Actions Have Consequences: The year is 1938, the players are superheros, and every action they take, or don't take has real historical consequences. Britain may be invaded. Hawaii may be invaded. New York may be wiped off the map. Greenland's ice may be melted by an insane scheme involving an orbital mirror. It's all up for grabs and you probably really can't stop it all. Thrill as the characters try to avert a world war by saving Adolph Hitler's life. Or you know...don't. Marvel as the characters rescue Shirley Temple from a villain's sinister scheme. Or not.

Halloween: In a fantasy world where nations of vampires, werewolves, witches and spiritualists live alongside mortal men, something new and strange is stirring. The mortals are becoming increasingly hostile, tempted to attack by the promises of sorcerers with strange powers who call themselves...scientists. The player characters find themselves captured experimental subjects who despite the hostility between their disparate kinds must unite to escape the the scientists, their mortal allies, and the abominations their weird "science" are creating to serve as weapons and warn their people to unite against the growing threat.

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