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Q: How do Alternative Abilities and Compartmentalised Mind interact?

A: While this may not be evident from the RAW, Kromm spoke thus:

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
No, Compartmentalized Mind (CM) does not grant multiple copies of abilities for the purposes of switching alternate abilities, consuming limited uses, triggering cooldowns, and so forth!

All mechanics that make abilities cheaper do so under the assumption that they'll actually limit the character. Making CM a one-stop shop for working around such things makes it a one-stop shop for cheesy abuse. It might seem fine when you're paying 50 points to get around innate usage limits on a cheap ability . . . but what happens when someone takes Ability 1 [1,000] and Ability 2 [1,000] as alternative abilities, pays 1,200 points, drops 50 points for CM 1, and enjoys 2,000 points of abilities along with all the incidental benefits of CM for just 1,250 points? That would be a crock.

Thus, the answer is a definitive "No way!" The main benefit of CM is extra actions. That's what 50 points fairly buys.
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