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So their ability to aim and knowledge of how to compensate for the wind, distance, bullet drop, etc. would be lost if their brain were put into a different body? The swordfighter would lose their understanding of timing, positions, feints, etc.

That isn't what I would have expected. Is that what the science shows? Would, for instance, a wrestler or jujutsuka lose their knowledge of takedowns, positioning, locks, and so on too?

And are you saying we have some reason to believe the cerebellum wouldn't be transplanted as well if we developed the technology for brain transplants?
As noted before, the cerebellum is only part of the muscle memory, the rest being the peripheral nervous system, the muscles, tendons, etc. The applicability of the knowledge of shooting pales in comparison to the practice of shooting. Without the other physical components, the body just could not perform at the expected level.

When it comes to brain transplants, it depends on the setting. In Get Out, they had to leave the cerebellum to allow the body to function at all. There is some concern about destroying the connection of the cerebellum to the brain stem, as the connections are more delicate and more numerous than the cerebrum to the cerebellum. Of course, that would make transplanting a brain into a clone body less attractive, but it is a ghoulish enterprise anyway.
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