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The Planar Crystal of Desire
This is a 0.5" thick plate of rose quartz, roughly the size of a modern-day business card. While it is perfectly flat (and all angles are precisely 90-degrees), at least to the limits of what can be measured, it otherwise seems completely mundane, not detecting as magical, divine, psionic, etc. Nonetheless, roughly 1 in 6 people (a roll of 1 on 1d) who see it gain Obsession (Obtain and hold onto the Planar Crystal of Desire), as well as a Higher Purpose for the same. It also grants Delusion (The more people who see the Planar Crystal of Desire, the more powerful I become) (optionally, this may not be entirely inaccurate, with the bonus from Higher Purpose increasing slowly as more people see it). The number of deaths that have occurred as a result are estimated to be in the thousands.

Next up: The Philter of Phishing.
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