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Elmazakar's Bloom of Deviance
OK, Elmazakar's Bloom of Deviance isn't a magic item per se, but it's part of the collection all the same. This ingredient was bred by the great horticulturalist Elmazakar in her greenhouse in the Bolivian Andes, it's petals plucked just hours after blooming. There are three main uses:

1) If consumed directly, it grants Versatile and Odious Personal Habit (Uninhibited). This can be addictive.

2) It can be added when brewing a love potion. This causes the potion to eliminate any attachments or other mental blocks that would interfere with the new relationship. It also adds an Odious Personal Habit, usually of an intimate nature.

3) It can be burnt to desecrate a holy place of most gods, or to consecrate a holy place for a god of chaos or love. Without any sort of ritual the effect ends when the flames die out, but with ritual it's effects can last for months. The fumes are mildly intoxicating.

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