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Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
Next up, the Bracelets of the New Moon.
These paired items are mostly beneficial, only working when worn together. The wearer cannot remove them without resorting to amputation of the hands, though they may be taken off by any other person simply by working the clasps.

While worn, the person they are on is treated as though a New Moon was in the sky for all magical and mundane purposes. Most notably, werecreatures who require a different phase or are triggered by it will not transform. Also, the moon in the sky and the light it reflects is not visible to any wearer, so they ignore it when determining darkness penalties if any. Wearers with Lunacy function as though the moon is New, and Magery limited to a different phase will be inaccessible (though Magery tied to the New Moon will function all the time, and any discount gained for it will be reduced by the proper amount for an easily-Breakable Gadget that Can Be Stolen by force or guile).

Next: The Crooked Hat

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