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Originally Posted by FJCestero View Post
Hmmm... (and assuming we're talking a standard kill-the-CP scenario).
There's an outer wheel to this as well.

If the ogre is shooting INF with something besides AP then that ogre isn't shooting tanks and GEVs with bigger guns.

I see three reasons why that might happen:

1) The defense is out of tanks and GEVs. The ogre is mopping up, or shooting over its shoulder at the INF behind it in the end-game. That's a terrible spot for the defense, but happens. 2 INF stacks behind the ogre can stretch out the game by a few turns.

2) The defense engaged INF before tanks and GEVs. That's an interesting tactical defense experiment, but one that favors the ogre.

3) The ogre player values hitting INF more than tanks or GEVs. That's an interesting but dangerous tactical experiment on the ogre's part. The defense might achieve GEV-, MSL- , or even HVY-immunity before the ogre kills those more mobile units.

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