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Default Re: Tavern Fun Time: Alcohol, Drinking, Intoxication, and After Effects

Originally Posted by CardDiceian View Post
I used the original set of rules in my tavern last week.
The players party were approached by a group of boisterous orcs, already with a couple of drinks under their belts.

The orcs insisted the players drank with them, so all had to roll a couple of times on the drink tables. It ended amiably enough - No fight, the orcs had to leave due to over indulgence, the players went back to their room well oiled.
I am thrilled to hear that the rules came in handy. Thank you so much for sharing!

I have tried to refine the rules a bit here and there, such as allowing a -1D6 for drinking whle eating, assuming a character eats enough to delay alcohol absorbtion by the body.

I also added Movement Allowance penalties to some of the failed saving throw results and changed the saving throws for movement a bit, trying to find some way to approxmiate staggering around drunk while possibly falling flat on your face the farther you attempt to move.

By the way, I hope your son is doing better after his cycling accident. Best wishes for health and hope!
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