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Default Re: [Magic] Magery et al with Temporary Disadvantages

Originally Posted by dcarson View Post
There were a couple fantasy books where mages used their own energy to power spells. A powerful spell meant the mage went from looking like a sumo wrestler to looking like the 98 pound weakling in the body builder ads. Hiring one for something major meant not just pay but months of room and board after to get back to casting weight.

Could work in a game but needs to have lots of time skips between adventures.
I remember reading (part of?) a book like that; it was described as basically converting fat into *chemical? (I presume, at least!) energy, and then using that energy to Do Stuff.

* The effects I recall, mostly of the energy blast variety, were rather... anemic if they were supposed to represent conversion of mass to energy...

* This also left the problem of where all that fat *went*, since, as I recall, it basically just visibly disappeared as the mages cast. Mages were not described in the same terms as a smokestack, so...
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