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Default Re: Any GURPS stats for black holes, pulsars, etc?

Originally Posted by clu2415 View Post
Do you mean the tidal stresses from the gravity wells? A pulsar’s radiation emission? The radiation emitted by a black hole’s accretion disc?
"Yes." :)

Anything potentially lethal to the ship's pilot Lensman, which can be reduced at least in part by the shields.

Neutron stars (including pulsars) have a ridiculous magnetic field strength—and then there’s magnetars which are even higher! There could be an induction hazard from moving a metal object through that field.
As an aside, in one of the Lensman novels, a speedster was built out of just about entirely non-ferrous materials, in order to minimize its detection signature for the setting's "electros". Of course, a sufficiently-strong magnetic field can warp the way electrons behave in ordinary matter, to the extent that you can levitate a frog in the right lab; and I'm pretty sure neutron stars can have much stronger magnetic fields than that.

Neutron stars also have such intense gravity that they bend the light from their far side. You can observe 3/4 of their surface from one side!
The version of the speedster I'm toying with can hit 324 Gs of acceleration, and can cancel 99% of what's felt with inertial compensators and artificial gravity, so could be able to get surprisingly close to a source of high gravity. (And that doesn't count being able to hit FTL when the Bergenholm generator is activated; as long as the ship's overall vector of momentum is pointed away from the mass, it should be able to escape.)
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