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Default Re: Which weapons may be Fine Weapons?

Originally Posted by TippetsTX View Post
TBH, though, I have similar issues with 'silver' weapons and armor in TFT. Much too common by RAW, I think.
Silver does tend to be overabundant in TFT, though wizards are more common among players than in the general population, so there is some skewing due to that. And at least it's a silver alloy and not pure silver. In my formulation it is commingled with significant amounts of tungsten and bismuth, and traces of titanium in certain cases. But not much titanium, since that also has mild magnetic properties.

I like that bronze weapons and armor are also compatible with magic, and would like to see more wizards armed with those alternatives. That would also makes those wizards less prone to being jumped for their expensive accoutrements.
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