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Default Re: Converting "Problematic" Spells to Powers

Originally Posted by Anaraxes View Post
The example Suspend Time in Sorcery is built on the Temporal Stasis condition for Affliction found in Powers on page 118.
I really should go back through Powers / buy the new Sorcery book. Thanks!
Originally Posted by Desthro View Post
I believe I priced it at 5 points per 1d, it seemed reasonable to me, especially since you don't get to heal diseases and regrow limbs with it and stuff. At least not for that price ;)
Interesting! Much more workable than using Affliction to deliver Regeneration. Thanks!
Originally Posted by weby View Post
First thing to remember that raw abilities are more expensive than spells. To bring down the cost you should use modular slots or alternate abilities so that only some of your abilities can be active at a single time.
Yep, within the Sorcery framework, every "known spell" is bought as an Alternate to the "master" casting advantage, with modular slots for improvised spells.
Major healing is about:

Healing - Injuries Only, -20%; Capped (4 FP), -20%; PM: magic, -10%. 15 points (3 as alternate)
A "capped" limitation, eh? Looks workable.
You get close enough by adding enough levels to force the enemy to roll against 5 or less to resist. But it does get really expensive.
Yeah, think I'll just give up on that one. Far too expensive.
Regeneration is the best way to do it. A slightly better version than the spell would be:

Regeneration - Fast (You recover 1 HP per minute), +50; Fatigue Only, +0%; PM:magic, -10%; Require skill roll, -10%. 40 points (8 as alternate)
I hadn't thought of taking Regeneration as an alternate ability -- but it makes sense, since the Recover Energy spell requires you to be resting anyway.
In powers you cannot buy unlimited power defense. You should buy enough DR with ranged only to stop the expected levels of attack.

Something like:

Damage Resistance - Limited (Ranged only), -20%; PM:magic, -10%; Cost FP 1, -5%. cost: 3.3/point of DR(0.66/point as alternate)
Hmmm. I understand why it works that way, but the cost is prohibitive...

Would it be valid to buy a limited form of Insubstantiality?


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