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Default Re: [Basic] Duration of Advantages with Preparation Required limitation

Originally Posted by Sorenant View Post
I was actually asking the latter, how long it lasts once it's been activated.
Ah; my mistake.

In that case, Powers 153 ("Turning Abilities Off and On") would be the RAW answer. To be Always On, an ability has to meet several conditions. I think the important one here is case 2,

Originally Posted by Powers p153
The ability doesn’t have discrete “uses” built in or added via Costs Fatigue, Limited Use, Takes Recharge, etc.
Prep Required isn't specifically listed, but I think it falls into the "etc" here, as adding Prep Required builds in one discrete use per prep activity.

The box of defaults on B101 would give the ability a 10-second duration, since it's otherwise unspecified. But I'd take the one-minute duration from Limited Use (B112).

10 seconds is a little spicier for combat abilities, as it gives you the specter of the ability running down if the combat is long, but often one activation is enough for the whole fight. One minute is effective infinity in combat time, or mostly "one action" when you're in narrative time where the actions players declare are much longer and broader.)
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