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Default Re: Throwing Lots of Knives

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
If you like. However, as the real benefit of this trait is lots of attacks, that's limited by lots of ready weapons, and thus the rate-limiter is Fast-Draw, I think that condition would devalue the advantage. It would also result in a lot of what I consider to be "nuisance rolls." In most campaigns, purchasing a 20-point advantage, buying up a DX/Hard skill, and ensuring you have a DX/Easy skill at 16+ is a fair price for being able to throw away your weapons really quickly via a string of attacks that come with built-in penalties. Adding nuisance rolls is probably going to make this not worth the points.
Were the difference to me is while I have no problem bundling in the perk No nuance rolls (Fast-draw) plus an ability to reduce the penalties to make it easer to do more that some who doesn't have it.

But i don't like making penalties so mean less that the might as well not exist and have No limit at all on how many items you can face draw and long as you base skill on and easy skill is 16 (forget + because it will not happen then)

But rather let the penalties levels set the level at which the roll is a nuance (effective 16+) hence get rid but still all them to push themselves further but stacking on more penalties and having to either roll or get better at the skill.

I'm even up for it including an +3 to fast draw that stacks with combat reflexes on top of halving the penalties if you think the "normal" count of how many draw with the trait is too low. It's the fact the penalties are meaningless and the is no limit just for having a very to reach base skill level.
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