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Default Re: Throwing Lots of Knives

The GM needs to fight the urge to make this trick too hard in genres where it's appropriate. Remember that just about all weapons that can be fast-drawn and thrown are small, low-damage ones. They all cost and most weigh more than, say, arrows. And the GM is under no obligation to say the weapons are recoverable. So while it may seem iffy to let someone hurl 20 shuriken per turn using both hands with high skill, that's only going to be "overpowered" when it's a strong ninja (both to carry the things and make them hurt) with good gear vs. a swarm of low-DR mooks . . . which is pretty much bang-on how cinematic ninja work. When it's some DF character engaging high-DR monsters who don't bleed, it's almost not worth the trouble, and the same points could be spent on far more abuse.
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