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Originally Posted by gjc8 View Post
Yes, but that's a matter of his Status and Rank. His Wealth would only be the assets and incomes controlled directly by him, rather than through his vassals.

Also, though the North is large, it's sparsely populated and relatively poor, so his incomes are less than one might expect given that he controls a region of that size. The Lannisters are explicitly described as more wealthy than the Starks, despite controlling a much smaller area, presumably because the region they control is richer in natural resources (famously, gold mines).
The Lannisters are richer than everyone else. We've seen nothing to indicate that the Starks aren't ridiculously wealthy themselves, and everything to indicate that they are - for example, they have an extremely big castle. This is a TL3 or so world - that gives a starting wealth of around $1000. Multimillionaire would just barely make that $1,000,000. If one dragon is equal to one GURPS $, then the Lannisters probably have at least Multimillionaire 2 (giving them around $10M), as we know the Lannisters have lent over three million dragons to the crown and a million dragons is apparently a very, very high sum.

I'd be fine with giving the Starks Multimillionaire 1 or Filthy Rich - so between $100,000 and $1,000,000, if a single Dragon is the same as a GURPS $. I'm not sure a Dragon is the same as a GURPS$, though - I think a Dragon must be worth more than that, maybe $100 or more (to a peasant, a Dragon is worth quite a lot of money, and one GURPS$ is pretty much defined as 'the price of a loaf of bread'). Thus, the Starks probably have Multimillionaire 1 or 2, the Lannisters 3 or 4.
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