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Default Re: 3-Hex Figures vs. 1-Hex Doors…?

Originally Posted by Skarg View Post
The main weird thing about your 2-hex-wide gateway as shown, is that it is placed to span 3 hexes and shows the middle of two hexes with stone in them. It would be more convenient if you placed it so two hexes appear to be free.

(Also note hexes are said to be 4 feet wide wide, so a 2-hex doorway is 8 feet wide, not 6 feet, but you might call a 6-foot doorway close enough to 2 hexes wide to count as such.)
The hexes are indeed 4 feet from side to side, but that makes them ~4.62 feet from point to point. So the empty space in the middle of that gate really is exactly 6 feet. (You may trust my OCD on this.)

But if the partial hexes there could invite confusion, then perhaps I should position the gate a little differently… LIKE SO? That way it's more obvious that there is a particular hex that is "standing in the gate's opening", and three hexes you can move to from it, which are all "in the arena".

Afterthought: This means my 50-foot Gladiator Pit is now a 48-foot Gladiator Pit. But that's cool, because multiples of 12 are better than 10 anyway. ;)

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