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Default Re: 3-Hex Figures vs. 1-Hex Doors…?

The main weird thing about your 2-hex-wide gateway as shown, is that it is placed to span 3 hexes and shows the middle of two hexes with stone in them. It would be more convenient if you placed it so two hexes appear to be free.

But if it didn't, what I tend to do in such cases, is define off-hex positions for figures moving into narrow passages that don't fit the hex grid - i.e. you can use a half-hex if you have another half-hex you can also use.

(Also note hexes are said to be 4 feet wide wide, so a 2-hex doorway is 8 feet wide, not 6 feet, but you might call a 6-foot doorway close enough to 2 hexes wide to count as such.)
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