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Default Re: [LT] Padded/Layered Cloth weight

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Sure, but you then have to productively work with it at those temperatures. The required machinery has lot of applications, enough that you're probably TL 6 by the time you get it working.

Ayup. Which is why I specified Steampunkish, which gets around such mundane TL considerations. If it could have been done real-world it probably would have been even if just experiments.

But if you strain the existing technology at the time, as a few genres do a lot, you can do it. But it'll be an experimental and/or inefficient process used for a character's gear or as a McGuffin.

But a fantasy setting with either or both of Heat and Shape Stone plus Microscopic Vision and Shape Metal, it's not too hard to do. Although it probably won't be general issue.
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