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Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
How about spears and javelins or even axes?
ITL 123: "A person who has the Master Armourer talent can make a sword, polearm, hammer, mace, or ax (but no other weapon) so well that it does extra damage, or effectively increases its userís DX, or both. ...

Good workmanship can give a weapon such good balance that its user gets +1 DX (never more than +1). A cutting weapon can also be made of such good metal that it does either 1 or 2 extra hits of damage. A dagger may do extra damage, but not increase DX."

SO, a polearm, hammer, or mace can do +1 but not +2. A sword, dagger or ax can do +1 or +2. All of the above can give a +1 DX except for a dagger.

Arrows cannot be made fine per above.

I have house ruled that Javelins cannot be used for a Polearm charge or be made fine - but that is not RAW. Spears are borderline imo but I have kept them in since they are the only 1handed Polearms (besides Javelins). I would have no problem if the rules were changed to only allow 2handed pole weapon charges (including spears). However, from my reading of history, that would not be historical. Imo, the historical usage would be to move Javelins into Thrown weapons, along with sling. But that's mo.
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