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Default Re: New to The Fantasy Trip. Got questions.

I think that it's good to point out that TFT is a very flexible system. I'm sure that my games are different than those of others around here. I'm positive my game has a very different flavor than Henry's.

This isn't just because different campaigns are always different, but also because there's a lot of room for adding your own monsters, spells and so on. With the new Old School Monsters book, there are enough stock critters to choose an off the rack monster most of the time, but it's so easy to make an interesting monster that you'll be doing it in no time.

Now, for the bad. You'll find around here a lot of time spent trying to understand the written rules. They are unclear at some points. They are even inconsistent at a couple of points. But, in defense, some of the points where they are unclear are a benefit. Not all of the talents are spelled out all that clearly, but that's not too bad in practice. Using your head and a splash of common sense is often better than tediously specified rules which tend to discourage novel uses.
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