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Default Re: New to The Fantasy Trip. Got questions.

Welcome! TFT works quite well for full-blown RPG playing. As Cobb has mentioned, talents help each character to fill a niche or set of niches similar to D&D's classes, but much less rigidly defined. There is a reaction table that helps determine how animals and NPCs react, and certain talents can influence this die roll.

TFT combat can be deadly, and what makes a battle deadly is often not so much the power level of a Big Bad (though that is an important factor), but the number of combatants on each side, since front, side, and rear facings are a huge factor in combat, and spells generally are small-scale; several low-power opponents can out-flank and overwhelm a small party of PCs. Terrain's influence on combat seems to be more of a factor in TFT, too.

As there is for D&D, there is support for TFT on some virtual tabletop platforms, such as Roll20 and Fantasy Gounds.
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