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Originally Posted by Sam Baughn View Post
I'm thinking of simply making everything happen four times as fast as normal; what usually takes a day instead takes four hours. So with optimal conditions, someone with Very Rapid Healing, treated by a Physician, can get 16 HP back per day.
I've basically done that: for a supers game I gave everyone +10 HP and Slow Regeneration for free, which basically meant that the PCs would heal about 6 HP/day. It worked fairly well, but if I were to do it again, I would add something like "First Aid heals the normal amount or heals you up to 0 HP, whichever is more." That means the character who is reduced to -30 HP will sill recover in a reasonable amount of time. (FYI, getting a double damage critical hit at point blank with a bazooka does a lot of damage.)
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