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Default Re: Avoiding Deathtouch? (or touch spells in general?)

Originally Posted by lvalero View Post
Well. Technically a shield is not an armour.
M11 specifically includes shields in the description of what doesn't help.

Originally Posted by M11
If the spell is one that ignores armor, neither an unarmed parry (even with an armored limb) nor a block can protect the target from the spell. Even if such a defense wards off the melee attack, the spell arcs through the targetís armor or shield and affects him.
Originally Posted by malloyd View Post
Nobody would allow a wizard to cast Deathtouch, touch the hull of a battleship/wall of a castle and claim the damage hits the captain/king
What if it's The Incredible Hulk wearing a battleship as armor? :)

There's also the badass alternative: go ahead and Parry (or Aggressive Parry), accepting the damage from the spell, so that your Parry can possibly damage that wizard making an unarmed attack on you. (Just another reason to use that yard of reach from your Staff...)
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