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Default Re: Discussing Yrth History & Evolution of GURPS MAGIC

I invite people to discuss how the spells as they were added to the "world of Yrth in various publications, would have affected the narrative in GURPS YRTH from GURPS FANTASY 1st edition, GURPS FANTASY 2nd edition, and ultimately, GURPS BANESTORM.

If the powers that be do not object, I can try and make the spell list (not actual spell descriptions or anything else, just a listing) of all available spells from GURPS FANTASY 1st edition available in this thread, but to get that permision, that requires I contact someone from the Powers that Be department. Perhaps send a few prayers, offer a few sacrifices etc...

OK, kidding aside, I really would like to see a serious discussion here that outlines how GURPS MAGIC evolved, how spells would have affected the Narrative as originally given in GURPS FANTASY 1st edition, Second edition, and BANESTORM.
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