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Default Re: Temporarily mitigating a character's odious personal habit

Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
I really think that if it can be set aside when you need to, I might prefer to treat it as a quirk-level OPH. Letting it be set aside with a Will roll really is too cheap, given that Will can be bought up, and that many player characters and literary heroes will have high Will. Aragorn, for example, was able to face down Sauron in a palantir and emerge still sane, though shaken; that argues for high Will.
I agree. This is where self-control rolls usually come in, but we don't have that to fall back on here. And this is why I would only allow it if appropriate, and even then only once or twice before demanding that the player put some points into buying it off. This should stop people from buying up Will for a once or twice per game effect. This sort of thing should be a rare exception and not a general rule.
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