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Default Re: How about an online choose your own adventure on a different website?

Sounds great ! For me, solo gaming options are the only viable ones I have ! I've been trying to champion this CYO format in other Traveller / Sci-Fi RPG fora, but with not much success. My preference would be to have such adventures in a system neutral format, and in the original OTU setting (or more specifically the Third Imperium never fell). If system specific, I'd prefer Mongoose and/or CT, followed by Gurps. Another setting which I'd love to explore is the upcoming Prime Directive - Mongoose Traveller edition.

Are you planning to draw up a long-ish campaign, or perhaps a number of short one-shot adventures ? Either way this would be great.

It's been quite difficult finding a regular live playing group, and hard to keep up with Pbem campaigns. So, I would be very attracted by the notion of a collaboration of solo gamers, working on CYO adventures and posting them on this envisioned site, and enjoying the games others contribute.

Thanks !


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