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Default Re: Where are the Play-by-Post GURPS Traveller games hiding?

Originally Posted by doulos05 View Post
Ok, well I'm in. Anybody else up for a PbP?
Great! I hope we're ALL up for it. :-)
Originally Posted by sn0wball View Post
I am interested as well, although I am

a) not a native speaker or English

b) live in a different time zone.

The expected amount of time invested in the game is pretty important to me. 10 minutes per day would be ok, although I probably produce less amounts of text in that time because of a)

As far as the topic is concerend, free trading should be quite suited to the PbP format. On the other hand, I am not particularily interested in a game consisting of purely game mechanical/economical decisions or keeping track of cargo, prices and so on.
Native languages and time zones are not an issue, I hope. You can log-in and state your actions/intentions whenever it is convenient during the day for you. That's the great thing about play-by-post -- we do not all need to be here at the same time. Language might be a bit of a difficulty, but you seem to have a workable knowledge of english, so I think we can overcome any difficulty there. Just let me know if I need to explain something differently and I'll do my best to work with you. I agree that a Trading game should lend itself to PbP quite well. But I'll try to keep things more interesting than a shopping trip.
Originally Posted by MisterJuan View Post
So, I guess we seem to be leaning toward a "free trader" kind of game?
Well, maybe, at least to start. Of course, there's no reason why we couldn't change the focus of the game once we start if we want to do so.

Let me ask some questions of everyone to get some more information about the kind of game that we want this to be: There would hopefully be some ongoing conflict going on in the region where the PCs are trading to add an element of danger and uncertainty to everything that you do. Who should the conflict be against? It could be an ongoing conflict between the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate, or it could be skirmishes with a faction in the Vargr Extents, or it could be a purely internal conflict between portions of the Imperium. The PCs could be conducting peaceful trade among the warring worlds, or they could be trading in military goods and supplies.

I guess an even more basic question is: What race/species do the PCs want their characters to be? Will you be all or mostly of the same race? And will you be on the side of that race in the conflict, or will you be working for the opposite side? Or maybe you would prefer to be working for a third party race who has no direct interest in the conflict, but rather, you wish to make money by selling to both sides of the conflict. Perhaps selling bullets to one side and guns to the other side?

I'm interested to hear everyone's thoughts about this, doulos05, sn0wball, and MisterJuan.

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