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Default Re: The World of Dreams

I have many recurring elements in my dream world. One is a phantom train station. In the dream, I see train tracks from a distance where there should be none. It's always a struggle to get to the tracks, but once there, there's something like a subway station. Only everything is very odd and generic - there are no signs and the ticket machine will take any coin. The train is a train to lala land - to weird worlds and planets and such. I've been aboard that train many times, and I'm still figuring it out. It seems you have to gamble in the bizarre games to get anything, and people sell and trade ideas and experiences (like the DMT elves). Only I always get booted from the train in some uselessly weird world - but one day, I'm going to figure it out - then we'll see, the Key to Out.

Don't get the wrong idea - most of my dreams are nightmares. Another common element is that my mother somehow survived her cancer, only it turned her into this evil creature that knows my as my mom would (like the sick sister in Pet Semetary). Yeah, nice.
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