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Default Re: Emerging smokepowder weapons in my fantasy

A real TL4-5 grenade was made by taking a hollow 6-lb cannonball and stuffing like 2 oz. of black powder in there, with fairly poor fragmentation effects. It gets 3d cr ex [1d], weighs 2.2 lbs. and has a Cost $10 (inc. less than $1 for real-world black powder) in HT.

Does it sound reasonable to have skilled blacksmiths at TL3-4 (advanced) make superior versions* according to designs proposed by TL5-ish theorists among the PCs and their henchmen?

And for these to be ovoid sling projectiles with thinner cast-iron casing, thus better designed to fragment but exactly strong enough to contain the explosion, as well as containing closely packed sharp iron fragmentation material and a double charge of 4 oz. of smokepowder? This would be around 80mm long and 45-60mm wide, I'm guessing.

I'm aiming for stats of 4d cr ex [2d], Weight 2 lbs. and Cost $30 in addition to the cost of the smokepowder (which comes to an additional $50 at the cut-rate prices the PCs got it for this time).

This is more or less equal to the effects of the TL6 blackpowder Stielhandgranade with a hypothetical fragmentation jacket (well, it exists for the TNT version), except the fusing is not TL6 and the weapon is thus much less reliable unless magic is used.

How about the same size of projectile, but using fired clay, scrap metal fragmentation and only 2 oz. of smokepowder?

I'd guess we could get 3d cr ex [1d+1], Weight 1 lbs. and Cost $10 (and then a further $25 for the smokepowder).

The cheapest version I can see would be a fired clay one with just 1 oz. of smokepowder and sharpened stone or ceramic that breaks up in sharp shards used as fragmentation material. 2d cr ex [1d], Weight 0.5 lbs. and Cost $2.5 (as well as $12.5 for the smokepowder). The fragments would have an Armour Divisor of (0.5) against anything other than leather or cloth.

These would all fit in a Heavy Sling or, ideally, a Heavy Staff Sling.

*In the real world, it was definitely not worth the extra cost to build high-value casing instead of just throwing more of these cheap ones, but the cost of smokepowder makes it worthwhile to maximise the effects of each bomb instead of aiming for more volume.
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