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Default Re: Is there a spell to see through illusions?

Originally Posted by Pursuivant View Post
But remember that, per RAW, many Illusion & Creation spells automatically give observers the ability to disbelieve by Concentrating and making a Will roll.
Yes, but while you'll know it's an illusion, it still covers your vision. People hiding behind an illusory wall are still hidden.

Originally Posted by Pursuivant
Additionally, any damage will dispel or disrupt most illusions, revealing them for what they are, so any area effect damaging spells or powers will have the side effect of spoiling illusions within their area of effect. On a mundane level, this might be as simple as "recon by fire" - shooting at a suspected illusion to determine whether it's real or not.
I admit that it may work in most cases, but it demands an active response. Also, if it's the illusion of a captive that I'm trying to save and it's out of reach, shooting them is not recommended.

Originally Posted by Pursuivant
If you want house rules, ideas, the idea of disbelieving illusions could be extended could be extended to all I&C spells, possibly at a penalty to Will rolls.

A Perk might allow Perception to be substituted for Will rolls to disbelieve, allowing low IQ creatures with good senses a reasonable chance to detect illusions.
Yes, it's possible, but I usually only go for house rules when my options were already exhausted or something that me and my players blatantly disagree in the rules.

Originally Posted by Pursuivant
If you were to introduce a new spell or advantage, base any "See Illusion" spell off of See Invisibility. Likewise, base any "See Illusion" advantage on the See Invisible advantage, perhaps with a limitation if you're just limited to detecting magical illusions.
I even considered the possibility of automatic contest check from the illusion in your field of view and the caster of the "See Illusion" spell among other things in case I need to create it. It makes sense that a Master Illusionist's glammer to fool a less experienced magician using a spell to counter his. For now is just a possibility though.
No matter what is the problem, it's just a matter of time.
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