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Default Re: Munchkin Quest Booster packs? Surely cards all cost the same to print.

Originally Posted by Andrew Hackard View Post
Sales on Munchkin Quest, especially the expansions, don't justify spending more time or money supporting the game.
I'd first like to thank you and all the other staff for making a quality and fun game, then. Whenever my friends get together, we agree that the Quest variant is more involved and more fun than normal Munchkin (or in our specific case, Munchkin Deluxe).

Although, I'd like to offer a marketing gimmick as well as a way to make the niche Quest-lovers happy. A way to allow Munchkin Quest players to spend more money and a way to possibly drum up interest in the standard Munchkin player in at least buying out existing copies of Munchkin Quest.

Premise: Munchkin 6 and 6.5 had Dungeon cards, and these are double-sized cards to set near everyone while a typical game of Munchkin is going on. Even though there were cards that referenced these Dungeons, the Dungeons themselves were not sized for randomly-shuffled inclusion in the Door/Treasure deck. Instead, they were an add-on. A third deck.

Thus, why not add a line of text to future similar-styled add-ons (or cards in general) that only applied to Munchkin Quest players. Even if it was just a line in the accompanying rulebook of "If you're playing these cards aside your Munchkin Quest game, you can spend 1 Move to flip the next..." etc etc. Players of Munchkin will question what "Spending 1 Move" means, and realize there's a whole different game they could play. Munchkin Quest players will have another thing to spend their money on. The company only has to use a couple extra pennies of black ink to print the additional words.

That's it, a line of text on a future product to drum up hype from both existing Munchkin players and the Munchkin Quest niche.

Does that sound like something to offer to the other staff in the next meeting?
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