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Default Munchkin Quest Booster packs? Surely cards all cost the same to print.

I fully understand why Munchkin Quest, Munchkin Quest 2, Portal Kombat, and Extra Parts are all too expensive to print when you compare Price vs. Popularity.

But what about just the cards? Standard Munchkin is easy to print expansions for BECAUSE it's literally just cards, but the people who have bought Munchkin Quest all seem to wish there was more to it than just the base and two expansions (Looking for Trouble and Portal Kombat). I see Munchkin Boosters sitting on the shelves at my FLGS all the time, but currently the only remaining "expansion" to Quest I could buy is if I found the overly-large Level Dial and spent the 6 bucks to buy that (and it only comes with 2 cards, only one of which is for Quest).

Surely cards for Munchkin Quest don't cost more than Munchkin cards would. Or is brown ink expensive? Cuz Quest cards use a LOT of brown ink.

(P.S. I didn't realize print stopped in 2004 or so, and that I was lucky to buy Quest, Quest 2, and Portal Kombat when I did. But I now happily own the major 3 parts of the game. And apparently the only 3 parts of the game...)
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