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Default Pyramid 3:63 question on Jumper/Pocket Dimension

Hello all. Don't log in much, so please go easy on me if this has been asked before. ;)

Have a question on Jumper/Pocket Dimension, introduced in the Pyramid article above. I'm trying to visualize the options by which Pocket Dimensions may appear as part of the base cost, and what requires additional enhancements.

For instance, let's say I take Larger Size 10, which enables creation of a 'small country' sized dimension. I assume I could make it look like most realworld landscapes, roughly on the order of the size of Lake Tahoe, for instance.

Continuing on the Lake Tahoe reference, I'm further assuming I could, at base cost, make said Dimension look like Lake Tahoe, whose boundaries are the Sierra Nevadas around it.

From reading the description, I assume I could actually place a lake in there, but the water would not be drinkable (it's there, it'll get you wet, hell you could drown in it), but you could not use it for sustenance. You could however take Matter Creation enhancement to make (some) of the water potable.

In terms of the ponderosa pines, I assume those are included in the base cost, but only if they cannot be 'reused', for instance building materials or making fires. To create 'usable' trees, I'd have to use Vital Creation.

You could also use Vital Creation to fill said area with life, like ground squirrels, mountain lions, and black bears.

Now, what about buildings? I assume if my TBD character wanted to have a log cabin there, he'd need to have sufficient Matter Creation or Snatcher to introduce such a structure. Same thing with any furnishings. And of course, he could bring in things as well, assuming he has sufficient Extra Carrying Capacity.

Just wanted to make sure I understood this correctly. Thanks in advance for any advice/guidance!
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